Hi,This is Mary From Talin Lighting.

1.Our showroom has been renovated for three months and is now complete.

2.Now I will show you our new showroom and new product samples,Follow me!

3.This is our crystal design chandeliers series.

4.And also have those New Desgin-Multil Ring Chandeliers.

5.Most Importantly,here is our hot wholesale chandelier design.

6.We have many villa clients who like this designs to decorate thier house

7.If you like my factory products, please give me a like and follow me, so as not to miss us when you need us chandelier in the future

At zhongshan Talin Lighting Co., Ltd., our company was founded in 2009. At present, the office covers an area of 700 square meters, and the lighting exhibition hall covers an area of 600 square meters (convenient for customers to directly video conference with us to select suitable styles), and the factory area is 1200 square meters.


Up to now, our company has 7 engineers to assist customers in OEM/ODM any lighting;13 designers assist customers to draw CAD drawings of lighting and assist those who are online retail/distributors and wholesale customers with product image design, so our company provides beautiful product images for customers who are cross-border e-commerce, and we Cooperative cross-border e-commerce customers only need to upload products, and we are responsible for helping customers to provide back-end product services;


The factory has 6 production lines, 120 workers, 4 quality inspectors, only to help those customers who do dropseashipping, FBA, FBM to provide high-quality products and fast shipping services.


Come and cooperate with me, we will make your business easier, make money faster and more convenient.


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